There is always New Cheese out there whether you recognize it at the time or not. You are rewarded with it when you go past your fear and enjoy the adventure.

Spencer Johnson, Who moved my cheese?, 2000

We went past the fear and we took a challenge of transforming a small dairy into a modern factory unit which combines interests of both the providers and recipients.


We are a cooperative dairy from Kamienna Góra. Ever since we exist on the market, we have been taking good care of farmers' interests. That is why we have earned their trust. Thanks to that, we consociate more than 90 cooperative members and we purchase milk from 140 providers.


Our milk is in the 'Extra' class, which is complies with the strict requirements of the European union. We use only milk delivered by providers carefully selected from our collective. We make sure that we provide a wide selection of products suitable for all dairy lovers. We make: drinking milk cottage cheese buttermilk cream kefirs blue-veined cheese


We know that people want to enjoy their meals and that's why we pay attention to our products' quality. We have been making blue and cottage cheese based on unaltered recipes for 50 years. Our cheese is on the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development's list of traditional products. They also have Quality Tradition certificate. Additionally, our blue cheese has been awarded with Try Fine Food quality mark. You can be sure that you provide your family with a product backed up by a dairy tradition.

Our products are free from artificial additives, preservatives and GMO. You can be sure that our products are LIVING- they contain living bacteria, micronutrients and vitamins necessary for proper functioning of your body. Our cheese is naturally delicious and nutritious. They should be a part of your everyday diet.


Our dedication to tradition is due to the fact that we care about the taste buds of prospective gourmets. Because we want to be competitive in the fast-paced world, we choose to modernize our technology. We have one of the most modern productions lines of cottage and blue cheese and milk drinks in Poland. We improve our productivity while retaining unaltered taste of our products.


  • 1945 - after Kamienna Góra was relieved by the Russians, Polish authorities were given the dairy. It employed 28 people back then, including 20 Germans, 6 Poles and 2 French. From 30 August 1945 until the end of 1950 the dairy was called County Cooperative Dairy.

  • 1951 - Due to the fact that the dairy lost its cooperative status, on 1 January 1951 the dairy became public under the name of District Milk Processing Establishment.

  • 1954 - production of blue cheese Roquefort pioneering at a national scale was launched in Kamienna Góra. The name of the cheese was polonized in 1965: it is called Rokpol.

  • 1958 - District Milk Processing Establishment was transformed into County Cooperative Dairy in Kamienna Góra on 14 March 1958.

  • 1976-1980 - due to another reform, County Cooperative Dairy stopped functioning independently and in the years 1976-1980 it was a part of Provincial Cooperative Dairy in Jelenia Góra.

  • 1981 - the changes of Polish August of 1980 were also visible in the dairying industry. Consequently, since 1 January 1981 County Cooperative Dairy in Kamienna Góra was an independent establishment again.

  • 1989 - transition to a free-market economy began in Poland. Many dairies couldn't adjust to the new reality and were closed as a result. The dairy in Kamienna Góra managed to pull through.

  • 1994 – after the implementation of Cooperative Law, our cooperative has became an authentic property of its members.

  • 1997- the cooperative stopped producing dairy products popular at that time

  • 1998 - the cooperative was named KaMos. A new logo was designed.

  • 2004 – after the admission of Poland to the European Union, KaMos received the 'A' category and permission to trade within the EU.