We went past the fear and we took a challenge of transforming a small dairy into a modern factory unit which combines interests of both the providers and recipients. We pay homage to values cherished by dairymen ever since they began operating in Kamienna Góra. We make true dairy products that are good for your whole family.

Image of our company in the years 1923-30r.,
the current shape of the building is preserved.

Sery pleśniowe

Quality and tradition.

You cannot deny that our cheese has these two qualities. The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development honored us with two awards: a place on the List of Traditional Polish Dishes and a Try Fine Food quality mark. Furthermore, the cheese was certified Quality and Tradition. This means that we have been making these products based on an unaltered recipe for more than 50 years. Thanks to that, we bring you the best regional, Polish product you can get.


Gold medal

Our cheese has received a gold medal in the Chef's Golden Cheese Poland consumers' contest organized by the National Association of Chefs and Bakers in the category: pizza cheese. Pizza with KaMos Cheese is a delightful treat!

Polish breed red-white cows

We buy the milk only from local producers

Our milk is in the 'Extra' class, which is complies with the strict requirements of the European union. It comes from cows of the breed red and white, which are grown in Poland for over a hundred years. We use only milk delivered by providers carefully selected from our collective. We make sure that we provide a wide selection of products suitable for all dairy lovers.

KaMos quisine

KaMos quisine is a range of recipes that allow you to use our products in tasty combinations whenever you feel like it. Check this recipes out and enjoy these new ideas for tasty meals.

Pasta with Kamiennogórski blue cheese, capers and basil

Recipe by Przepis Wojciech Haramus - SWOJAK Restaurant


Cream and potato soup with Kamiennogórski blue cheese

Recipe by Anna Benkmann-Kuncewicz - Pizzeria & Restaurant